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What are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are used to protect the molars and premolars from the decay. Sealants are the plastic coatings and they are placed on the outer surface of the back teeth. Molars are the permanent back teeth of human beings.

Why dental sealants are placed on the molars and premolars?
The back teeth (molar and premolar) have grooves. The outer layer of the molar is vulnerable. This chewing layer of the molar and premolar can easily rot. These grooves are difficult to clean. As they have narrow grooves. Due to the narrow grooves, the bristle of the toothbrush cannot reach there easily. The plaque in that grooves can destroy the outer layer or chewing layer of the molars and premolars. This plaque can develop bacteria and cavity in your back teeth. However, dental sealants are placed to protect the chewing layer of the back teeth. Fluoride can protect the outer layer of the teeth. So, you should use fluoride contained toothpaste in order to protect your teeth from the decay. Dental sealants are used as a shield for your molars and premolars. Dental sealants protect your back teeth and the chewing layer from the cavity and decay.

Why there is a need for the placement of the dental sealants?
Your dentist will decide whether you need a dental sealant or not. Every tooth problem does not need dental sealant. If your teeth are going towards decay and you have an intense cavity in the pits of your molars and premolars, then the dentist will place dental sealants on your teeth. Dental sealant is usually placed on the first permanent molar tooth. When the dentist observes the eruption in your first molar tooth, it is time for the placement of the dental sealant. The molar and premolar usually erupt until 13 years of age of a baby. Thus, the chewing layer of the molars is sealed with the dental sealants to protect them from eruption and decay.

Are dental sealants placed only on the outer layer of molars and premolars?
Well, this is the thing you need to know before going to the dentist. The straight answer to the above question could be yes. But it is not "yes" always. It is according to the sensitivity of the decay on your teeth. Basically, dental sealants are placed on the chewing layer of the molars and premolars. But, sometimes, it is placed on the other permanent teeth, if they have grooves and cavity in it. Your dentist will examine the teeth, then, he will decide about the placement of dental sealants. In some children, there are grooves in their baby teeth. So, in this case, a kid needs the placement of dental sealants on his/her permanent and baby teeth. Dental sealants provide some extra protection and also it maintains the hygiene of the teeth.

Dental Sealants for the Adults
Dental sealants are usually common in children. Though, these can be placed on the outer layer of the teeth of the adults. It depends on the sensitivity of the decay on the chewing layer. Dental sealants provide protection to the pits and grooves in the adults. If the adults do have decay in the pits, then there is an intense need for dental sealants for them.

How are they placed on the chewing layer of the molars and premolars?
The first and foremost thing is, your teeth should be clean with a fluoride toothpaste. After that, an acid solution is placed on the chewing surface of the molars. This is a microscopic layer. You cannot see it with the naked eye. Wait for some time. Let it dry. When it gets dry completely, a layer of a liquid dental sealant is placed on the moral. After some time, this layer will get hard. When this liquid gets hard, it will become a plastic coat. That is a dental sealant.

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